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What do I have on my Backup Tapes?

Investigate the data and environments
Forensic Collection
Identify media, contents and technology
Forensic scan of tapes
Catalog contents on a file level or the servers backed up
Email identification

I Want to Restore my Data

Full restore
Targeted restoration services
Email identification and restoration
Email extraction by user/mailbox, date, search terms
Loose file search and restoration
Voice Logger restoration and extraction

I want to Recover or Repair my tapes, drives, RAID, or virtual tapes

Repair torn, wet or some/fire damaged media
Repair unreadable media
Restore data from damaged or repaired media
Recover failed drives, RAID, NAS, SAN & virtual tape storage systems

I need to store, manage and reduce my data and backup footprint/volume on tapes, virtual tapes or in the cloud

Managed services and storage of tapes
Deduplication of backup and archive storage
Restoration and Migration assurance
Retiring legacy backup, archive and related systems

I need to migrate or convert my tapes, backups, email, archive, mainframe data to a new solution or the cloud

Email conversion & migration: Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Google for Business, Office 365 and more
Mainframe conversions
Archive system conversions
Repopulate & Hydrate single instance storage
Migrate tape and server data to cloud solutions

I need to comply with IG and Records policies around my tapes, virtual tapes and backup systems

Analyze date populations
Apply retention policies
Reasonable retention program
Disposition and destruction of retired, expired or unnecessary media

I need to find data for eDiscovery on tapes or anywhere else

Deduplicate, Cull, Filter, Process, Host, Produce
(Ediscovery on tapes and all media types)

I need to Manage my Voice Logger archives


What Our Customers are Saying

If anyone ever asks about your company eMag or your technicians, please be assured that they will receive my highest recommendation. Elaine

U.S. Government Agency

I have worked with Emag on a complex litigation matter that lasted over 8 months. The project took several turns due to the complexity of the data and short deadlines. Emag provided 24/7 service and always kept me updated. I couldn’t image working on another project of this caliber without them. Chris

AMLAW 100 Law Firm

Everyone at eMag Solutions are true heroes in my book. They were literally able to do what no one else could do, recovered our data and kept us well informed throughout the whole process. They were very professional and treated our recovery project with the utmost care and urgency. Steven

eMag Customer

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