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Legacy Data Restoration

eMag Solutions specializes in non-native data restoration from storage media regardless of the format in which it is stored and has developed an industry-leading approach that reduces the time, cost and risk associated with traditional native restoration.

    Non-native Data Restoration from Storage Media regardless of the format in which it is stored


    Native restoration identifies and restores data using the original software/applications used to create it. Using this method for restoration of tapes runs the risk of altering metadata of the underlying data and does not provide a 100% guarantee that all data has been restored.



      Non-native restoration allows for the rapid, cost-effective identification, restoration and de-duplication/filtering of relevant data from backup tapes by recognizing the dates when they were created and can restore them without needing to know their sequence or any additional system information.


      Non-Native Restoration Eliminates:

      • The need for copies of the original software and any associated service pack (both for the OS and the backup solution) used to create the backup.
      • The need for particular drives and hardware or passwords.
      • Vast storage capacity needed for the volume of data that would need to be restored if performed natively.
      • The need to know and re-create the exact environment and system settings in which the data was created.
      • Removes the need for companies to hire or train IT personnel to effectively restore and extract archived data from tape.
      • Expedites timeframe that information needs to be identified and processed to meet relevant timetables.



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